Windows 10 17713.1000 (rs5_release) will not complete update

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I am attempting to install the Windows 10 update 17713.1000 (rs5_release) and it appears to never complete. The update contains 35 items of which 33 install successfully. Two of the items never install no matter how many times I cycle power or reboot. It just keeps reporting that a restart is required.


I need to understand the nature of this problem and how to resolve it.

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Try this...…...


I got similar problem when installing 17713.1000 (rs5_release).

it showed messages :

Windows 10 Insider Preview 17713.1000 (rs5_release)

Failed to install on ‎7/‎22/‎2018 - 0x8007042b.


Could you help teach me how to solve the issue ? Thanks.



LincoIn H. deMoura , Hi I am siraj , Can I help you ?Win32 error codes MUST be in the range 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. Identify the error code type as either Win32 or NTSTATUS using the first hexadecimal digit: 8 = Win32 error code (ex: 0x80070070) C = NTSTATUS value (ex: 0xC1900107) Write down the last 4 digits of the error code (ex: 0x80070070 = 0070). These digits are the actual error code type as defined in the HRESULT or the NTSTATUS structure. Other digits in the code identify things such as the device type that produced the error. 0x0000042B that means ERROR_PROCESS_ABORTED which actually comes from ""downloading error"or "disk error" if you check "event viewer " at search bar ,you will be able to see in detail about what error .you need to check Diployment image servicing management tool as well as repair it immedieately to solve the problems .

Thank you for your help but it did not fix the problem. I also cleared all the caches.


I Don't know what is going on but it is quite frustrating. I have been working on this problem since the release with no resolution.

Simply restart your PC & this issue is resolved if not then reset the window update Component.

this makes no difference to mine, which is stuck with the exact same problem.

I have had the same problem since this upgrade was released. Have done all the stuff suggested and it

still will not get past 56% when installing...