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Surface Go 2 Win 11 Insider Preview Help

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Hey everyone,


New to the forum.  I was wondering if anyone had a solution or a suggestion as to what I could do to complete my Windows 11 insider preview install.  I have it on my Surface Go.  I wasn't expecting it to be honest.  So I ordered the Go 2, because on Microsoft . com it said it was going to get Windows 11.  Well I got my Go 2 earlier today and set up the my insider in settings.  I got all the updates and now I've been stuck on 82% of the Windows 11 insider preview install for the last 3 hours.  I've restarted it at least 4 times.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I really appreciate it.


Thank you



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What us your processor? I have two Surface Go 2, both with the M3 processor, running Windows 11. I run a V6 512 GB SS card, formatted NTFS.
I run SQL Studio 2019 on the one I configured as an ultra portable laptop. The other one I got instead of a MacBook Pro and I want to run Linux Mint, Cinnamon, dual boot, in it. I will need to write drivers for the touch screen and don’t want to get into that until the official Windows 11 release is out. I hadn’t anticipated the I3 on the Go 3 and I won’t be buying one until next year, so no promises about Linux on that for 16 months or so.