how to upgrade windows 11

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i m using Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview how to instable winodws 11

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I'm guessing you want to install the official Windows 11? If that's the case you may go back to Windows 10 or waiting (continuing to using Insider Preview Build) for the Windows 11 to be officially available then install it via Windows Updates or install it via ISO.

@Little_Joe On one of my computers, which btw does not have the qualified processor but was okay for the rest of the requirements for Windows 11, but I had Windows 11 build 22468 via the Dev Insider channel on it and wanted to be sure to get the RTM Windows 11, so I selected Recovery/Go back.. followed the prompts and it did a restart and it then went to Windows 11 RTM which is Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.194) as per 'winver'. 

BTW.. the prompts indicated it was going back to Windows 10, but in fact it went to Windows 11 rtm as I stated above.
Yes, because there is no Windows10 Old on your computer.
you need to download the media creation tool and install the system, of course the ISO can be too.
if you have another solution - please write.
Hopefully, your PC could receive Feature Updates for Windows 11 in next coming months.

Good luck!

@Little_Joe It is one of my test computers anyway, so will see what happens.

Nope... it in fact it does have Windows.old, and also a Windows.old(1).. because it did have Windows 10 installed and then joined to Windows Insider Dev & had updated to Windows 11 builds including latest 22468.1000. So why would I now want to use the media tool to install W11 when it already has W11 rtm.. Now if I wanted to return to Windows 10, then yes I would have to use either the media creation tool or ISO.

I understood that you want to install - stable version of Windows11?
because I think the participants of the channel Beta and Dev. will not receive stable > Windows11
Perhaps I'm wrong, but I haven't found documentation on this.