Quick Solutions to Lower OS RAM Usage? - Researching in progress - Thanks!

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The update of several minutes ago lowered my RAM down about 8%. This is good. This is progress.  


With 2 browser windows, maybe 4 tabs / each + everything else I want to multitask on I want that RAM to stay at about 50% and not really any higher with the lights activated on my keyboard, yes. 


What steps can I take within the OS settings to lower Ram usage?


So far I have: 

run a cumulative update,

removed widgets,

turned off startup apps,

turned off animations, 

debating about cleaning my desktop files and icons in the taskbar...



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Update: (possible solution) - lighten the workload of Microsoft One Drive by removing unnecessary files...
Try disabling any apps from starting up that you don't really need unless you are using them. They are such a resource hog when running in the background. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-apps-running-startup-windows-11
Thanks @Alabamatom1963. I went through every solution I could find, and I've discovered that my RAM was being overpowered actually by OneDrive - so restructuring my file tree helped bring that percentage down a lot. I think I tinkered with this machine about two days to kind of bring it to life to a healthier state of operation. I did a sweep through all of my apps and settings to see what I could toggle off reduce memory usage, and have explored some new apps in the process. Most computer users will seek after all the bells and whistles, but I'm learning that in development, minimalist is a subliminal concept. Consistent updates appear to increase work flow and concentration, but if Microsoft keeps solving all my problems, then I'll have to create new problems and new resolutions. I think some levels of transparency in tech is good to increase the functionality of collaboration. My computer experience has changed drastically over the past few years, and that's really good - that's progress. That's human progress.