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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Newer versions of windows 11 beta program are breaking my screen brightness

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When i start the computer, before entering password, the computer has the right amont of brightness, but for some reason, when after i logged in the brigtness drops.

For some reason the brightness of the mouse stays the same, so i have a really bright mouse flying around in a screen with low brightness.

* Windows doesn't provide me with a brightness slider as it's a PC not a netbook.
* Is not a screen configuration issue, the screen is the Viewsonic Vx2768-pc-mhd

The configuration stays the same after updating to the newer version.

* I went back to the older version 2 times because of this, yes, in the older version i dont have this issue. I avoided updating until the last day of windows expiring date.
* Graphics card driver is on the lastest version, i have a RX 570, tried different versions of the graphics driver and none fix this issue.
* Is not a graphics card driver manager configration issue, i even clicked reset to factory settings.
* Adjusting contrast/brightness of the screen by changing the driver manager configuration or/and the screen options leaves a ugly look, with the mouse being too bright, and when i start the computer is extremely bright, like the mouse.
*Is not a energy configuration, i have everything set up to use the most amount of energy.

Going to screen > advanced configuration > activating automatically administrate the colours of the applications; is the closets i've come to a solution, is a partial solution tho, every thing in full screen its just becomes too dark, but the desktop brightness is okay. This seems to change the real brightness of the screen too.
With this configuration the mouse stays the same brightness but the desktop brightness becomes as bright as the mouse so it's the right brightness, this seems to affect the real computer brightness.
I don't know what is changing it and lowering the brightness, and why the mouse isn't affected by this.

Because of this and other issues i had im in queue to leave the beta windows insider program to only receive stable releases.
I work editing visuals as photos/videos so breaking my computer brightness is not something i can accept.

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Exactly the same for me.
Just updated to 22H2 build 22621.2361 last night, then when I switched my PC on this morning everything is dim EXCEPT the mouse cursor and the screen before I enter my password to log on.
I also work editing graphics and now cannot use my PC.