Impossible to update Windows Insider Preview (Beta)

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I am writing to you on the advices of an expert I contacted on Microsoft Support to solve my impossibility to update Windows Insider (beta channel). 




During the assistance, we have run and executed the command to resolve my Windows Update issue and he advised me to report the issue to the Windows Insider community to directly inform the software engineers to verify the remaining troubleshooting steps.


To give you more info, my Windows 11 Professional for Workstations version is 22H2.


Let me know if you need any further detail.

I hope that you'll be able to help me.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, @BibicDurand 

Have you tried performing an in-place update using ISO?

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Hi @A1 

Thanks for your response. 


I have not tried this, because I was trying to find a way to fix my problem without having to reinstall a Windows ISO and risk losing my files.
However, I would do it if it was the only solution. 


No, an in-place update is an override of the system to a higher version, but you need to set it up!

Ok I see. So what build am I supposed to download with my current configuration ?
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Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1537 and 22624.1537 | Windows Insider Blog

If this version is not available, you can download an earlier version of the ISO.

@A1 Thank you so much for your help. I will try this and let you know.
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