bluetooth error (windows 11 insider build)

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the Bluetooth on my computer stopped working all of a sudden. I went to go check in the Bluetooth settings and could not find a place to switch my Bluetooth on or off and couldn't unpair my keyboard either. I had closed my settings to check in the bottom right settings area to see that the Bluetooth toggle does not exist there either anymore. nor does it show the drivers or icon in the device manager. any idea what I could do?

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Did you manage to use Bluetooth when you upgraded to the Windows 11?
Try visit your device manufacturer's website and download and install the Bluetooth driver.
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
ill look into it and see if anything happens, thank you for the help!
ive gone to acer's website and tried to download the driver when it says a newer version is already present? do i uninstall the previous driver and download the older version? and where do i locate the file.
If you like, you can downgrade the driver to previous version from Device Manager itself and see if it helps. If that doesn't works, you can drop a feedback, as Reza said.
Having the same issue with my Dell PC, it seems there is no driver for bluetooth whatsoever. I'm struggling to properly install it.
Have you checked the Windows Update?
You may visit the Dell website and download the latest driver (even if it is for the Windows 7).

@Reza_Amerialso in my case


after upgrade to windows 11 bluetooth was working, and at mornig while i workes (probalby some update was installed in backgroud) bluetooth device disaper.

i try install driver and add legacy device but without success,

i see that i have mouse added in bluetooth device, but i can't remove it becouse there is no bluetooth device :)

Try report this issue through the Feedback Hub app.


it back

bluetooth start working after morning updates :)

Great, thank you for reporting this issue and updating.

Screenshot 2021-09-01 174558.png

@joe_m4 I am having the same issue, since today morning the bluetooth and wifi icon disappeared from the action tray and there is no toggle to turn on bluetooth in settings either. Please provide a solution

I have same issue since last week. Does anyone have a solution to fix this? Can someone from Microsoft help please? I feel like rolling back to Windows 10.
Like I mentioned earlier, try update Windows and update drivers.
If the problem persist, report it using the Feedback Hub app.