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I have a system with Windows 10 that was made using Drive "C" and my main drive and put in my old Drive and Named It "D" that had all my files from a previous computer running under "XP Pro sp3".

I hvae been using since February and all was fine but lately when I boot up it goes into a scan and fix of my drive "D".  This takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours to do come completely up before I can use my computer.  Is there a way to stop this scan and fix?

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There are ways of disabling the Scan and Fix, a google shows how, but I think the root problem is that there is likely an issue with the drive itself whereby it is marking itself as having an issue.  When you have some time, let the machine boot up and do its check, then ensure you have a backup copy of the D drive.  Make sure no programs are accessing that drive or have any explorer windows open.  Run a command prompt as administrator and then issue the command CHKDSK d: /F /R.  This command will not only fix the current marked problems but will do a detailed check (located bad sectors, recover or mark them bad) to see if there are any bad sectors, which I am expecting you fill find, which is likely why your drive is always coming up dirty, its possible that the drive is ok and the CHKDSK D: /F /R will mark those sectors bad and no longer complain.  If bad sectors showup, it is a sign of a failing drive and having a backup prior to running the chkdsk is highly recommended.  The chkdsk may take a long time to run (hours or even days depending on the drive, its state and the size)  I have seen this go both ways, fixing a drive completely, marking a couple sectors bad and having no other issues, and failing to complete while continually marking sectors bad - a sign of failed drive.  Hence the backup prior!  Good luck and let us know how you make out.  Patience is the key when running CHKDSK