Is it possible to have multiple users per Microsoft 365 Cloud PC?

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Hi all, just wanted to know whether if its possible share a Cloud PC between couple of users. Thank you.

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@KushanJay It is not possible to do so today. At the moment, 1 Cloud PC supports 1 user only. We'd like to hear your feedback on what scenario you are trying to enable 

POS scenario. One PC in a shop. Multiple users but only one PC. But we want to keep track of who is using it. So rather than having a generic user and giving the username/password to 10 people who work shifts we would like to get people to log in and out of the same CloudPC.
I understand that this is a profile issue and that additional costs then would apply for profile storage. Effectively what I would see is a change in the pricing model: i.e. use 3-year reservation model on Cloud PC Enterprise.
So then in that model,
a. there is a base charge per user to store profile
b. there is a reservation against CloudPCs only, i.e. a company has 2,000 staff, with 5 per store, with 1 physical terminal per store. So at any point the company only can use a maximum of 400 Cloud PCs - this can be reserved, plus a smaller cost for storage of 2,000 user profiles.
Appreciate that this is an unusal model, but we do see this in Retail and Catering.