Windows keeps adding default keyboard layout for preferred languages

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I use English (United Kingdom) for my display language and Serbian Latin and Cyrillic keyboard layouts for typing,  and I type in English (using Serbian Latin layout) and in Serbian (using Serbian Cyrillic layout).  Every so often Windows adds English UK keyboard layout to my list of keyboard layouts (though not to the settings) even though no changes to the Language & region settings are done.  Is there a way to force Windows leave my keyboard layouts alone?


FWIW this bug used to be solved in Windows 10 years ago IIRC.

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Hi @czarkoff 

Open the RUN dialog by pressing Win + R and type below command:


In the next screen, select your proffered the Region and Language as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance, I will welcome the questions you may have.

I have set up everything as described in my original post before posting here. Problem is that Windows keeps adding layouts to the set ignoring these settings.