Windows 11 support for I5-6400 CPU

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Are there plans to test and support I5-6400 CPU's at some point for Windows 11? My current PC with 16 gig Ram and SSD's runs great with Windows 10 but I want to upgrade to Windows 11. Is there a beta testing program I can join to be an early adopter for I5-6400 based PCs?

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It's true that I5-6400 processor is not compatible for Windows 11, according to Microsoft.

Atm, we don't have any information, if it will be included in list of supported processors.

I recommend you to drop a feedback to Microsoft about this, using Feedback hub app.

Thanks Kapil. I did drop Microsoft a note and no reply to date.
Any update on plans Microsoft? Q3 of 2022 support? Q4?