Windows 11 Paint app reinstall.

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From the latest insider build windows 11, I am not able to use Win + R mspaint.exe as the new Microsoft Paint app is available pre-installed. Somehow I thought uninstall and reinstall the app will solve the issue (old windows 10 behavior , from optional features or from store you can install paint after uninstall) but it is not so. I see the paint app available to other user's logged in to the PC, only my login where i uninstall seems to be affected that I can't re-install back the paint app. I did a couple of workarounds, could get the old executable of mspaint.exe and put it in system32 folder at the moment as a workaround and also i am able to bundle up the new Microsoft Paint app and able to install it from the new microsoft store preview as workaround. I had to do these workarounds as the new Paint app is not available in the new Microsoft Store preview or in optional features, I want to report this issue for Windows 11 Pro. 

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Hi .
You also have a tutorial ?
Same problem! I have an incompatible pc, and I installed the windows 11 iso, and i saw paint was glitched, so instead of restarting (me being a fool) i uninstalled paint trying to reinstall, but it isnt in the store. i need help
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Wait for the Windows 11 final Oct release, the new paint app (with dark mode) will be available or try updating to the latest insider preview build 22458.1000. This has brought back the shortcuts for paint app (via App alias ==> Settings > Apps > Apps & features > More settings > App execution aliases). I see two shortcuts now paint.exe and pbrush.exe. Both are working fine from Win + R. Thanks

No, classic app on windows 11 is yuck..
This issue is resolved. New windows 11 paint app can be directly installed from the new Microsoft store preview.

@ramjisriram So, you think that you've installed MS Paint for Win 11 and feels like having Photoshop 2022? Ok, then :-))

No, it cannot.@ramjisriram 

Dimmat? You are the evil adobe fan ah? or a fresher developer, oh wait you are the 2k kid? Who don't know how the MS Paint was coded initially in the 85 with IBM and then recommend on those classic rotten oranges? I wanted apples man and you are giving oranges man !!! How is classic paint be a solution to the problem? I am running in arm processor and you want to run classic paint in arm64? or you know only intel?
What cannot? Just fresh install if you are not able to and you get everything new. More over go for the Windows Enterprise, than Windows Pro to avoid the unncessary Microsoft 365 banners and ads.
This thread is pre-release era and am sure this thread is obselete and is only intended for those struck on developer builds. Suggest to go for the release builds !!! As the developer builds means you know as a developer what needs to be done or get help from SMEs from the community !!!


Latest Windows 11 version of paint is BROKE.  Scroll bars missing.  Setup margins change wrong margin. Changing Orientation on Set Up does not change orientation for printing!