Sqldumper.exe window opening and closing when revit software open

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Today I've installed Revit 2021/2023 with an Autodesk educational license.  when running the software I experienced never ending pop ups looking like windows' terminal executions, with the title saying something to do with SQLDUMPER.exe window is opening and closing with 2/3 seconds interval.I don't know what is the matter or how to resolve this issue,


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SQLDUMPER.exe is related to Microsoft SQL Server and it creates dump files. In case you application is using SQL Server, it probably running it. To learn more about this tool, have a look at:
You will need to check for the Autodesk's support.
can u guide me to solve this problem.no idea about programs and related topics
Since you mentioned about this problem started after you installed the Revit, I advise you to uninstall it and restart your PC and see if the problem persists?
This is for test to see if it really has caused the problem.
If yes, you will need to check with their support.

Already i uninstall & reinstall the softwares,,but no use,even i tried lower version,,

What if you just uninstall it?
Are you observing the save behavior?