Program opening lag

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Lately, I've noticed that when double-clicking a desktop icon, there is a delay before anything happens. In some cases fifteen to thirty seconds.


I'm running the uptodate retail release on a machine that has run Win11 fine for months previously and Win 10 before that, all on the same hardware.


Screenshot 2021-12-19 191247.png

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@Brian Wall 

Hi it looks like your processor is not compatible with Windows11 - 8th generation Intel from what I know is hardened to install, perhaps this is the cause of your problems? 

Ah, true, I had to apply a registry fix to allow Win 11 to install. Naughty, but I considered the "not compatible" claim to be Microsft being too picky! And to be fair it has performed flawlessly till now. Somehow I don't think this is the problem. But thanks for picking up on it!

@Brian Wall 

Of course, the reason for the slowdown may be an unfinished update - sometimes 2 restarts help.

Good luck