Missing Taskbar icons in WIndows 11

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why my action center and other stuff in the bottom right on my taskbar is always missing, but when i opened zoom or task manager it showed up?
it only show the icon when opening apps that uses tray icon.
I've tried several tutorials but nothing works
Please help it's troublesome
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Check your display scaling settings, and make sure they're at recommended level.

Additionally, right click on taskbar, select Taskbar settings. Try turning on all taskbar corner overflow icons, see if it makes any differences.

My display scaling is already set to the recomended level.
when i turned touch keyboard opiton it showed up,, but when i turned back off the icons disappear again.

and usually when I turn off the touch keyboard option everything is normal. Are there some settings to restore it?

May be. Well, I have not seen this issue currently anywhere else but if this is an Insider Preview build, I highly recommend you to report this via Feedback hub.