File Explorer Tabs not showing

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I updated this version this morning but can't see the "File Explorer Tabs" option on my computer. Can anyone help me please? 

OS Build 22621.160



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@zrcomputer99 I have the same problem (


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i have the same problem

I think this is because not all insiders are getting this feature now

Lucky me I have got this feature on my insider laptop. I don't know really when it will be available for all the insiders and what is the criteria that MS is looking for before enabling this. 


The insider build laptop is one of my primary devices I do use this regularly for more than 5-7 hours on the weekdays. Do you use your insider build device regularly?


I have a detailed post on Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Experience. I thought the first release of File Explorer Tabs would be similar to the Microsoft Edge multiple tabs experiences. No, it’s not. Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Feature gives an opportunity to users to open multiple tabs in the same Windows file explorer window.


  • What is Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Feature?
  • Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Experience
  • Move (Drag and Drop) File Explorer Tabs
  • Right-Click Options available for Windows File Explorer Tabs
  • Scroll Tab List Forward and Backward
  • Drag and Drop Files between File Explorer Tabs


Blog Article Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Experience Is Enabled

Video ->

@Anoop C Nair  Thanks for you answer. Yes, I use my insider PC every day for 15 hours, but I haven`t got this feature :( My congratulations!!!

i am using insider beta version. your instruction insider Dev version. :unamused_face:
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@zrcomputer99, The feature is under testing and is rolled out to some set of Insiders. You can wait for now till it appears to you.


This is mentioned in the official blog on announcement post of build 22621.160:


We are beginning to roll this feature out, so it isn’t available to all Insiders in the Beta Channel just yet as we plan to monitor feedback and see how it lands before pushing it out to everyone.