cleanup recommendations


When I go to storage and cleanup recommendations it says over 4 gigs available. I click to see and nothing shows up. I am on version 22621.160. worked fine last update. 


Please let me know any ideas. Thanks

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Does it show 4 GB available on your hard disk or this is the size which could be free up after cleaning.
Try restart your PC and visit the cleanup page again.
Hi so I will tell you what I saw before in this section. In the cleanup recommendations section when it worked showed my drivers for amd and some folders and apps not used frequently. This was roughly the 4 gigs. Not sure why does not show now
Did you open the cleanup from settings?
If yes, you may open start and search for Disk Cleanup and run it and see what the result is.
It is nothing to clean. The 4 gigs in cleanup recommendations when it worked showed my downloaded drivers and some unused apps. It no longer does. It has nothing to do with free space. I just showed me large files I have on my computer.