Cannot Create NAS Shortcut Icons on Desktop

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I have a self-made PC with i7-7700K. It had been non-W11-upgradable since its release (Refer to my post→detail). Now it is fully operational in W11.

On the desktop, I've got several shortcut icons of NAS folders which were carried over from W10. All of them have been working fine until I happened to delete one of them by mistake. I tried to recover it: I created shortcut icon of the folder in its higher folder; then tried to drug and drop it on the desktop. To my surprise, the system came back with an error, '0x80070026: Reached the end of the file', it's only 1.7KB icon. Trouble seems to be limited only to NAS-folder-related-shortcut-icons.

Is this a W11 bug, or I did do something wrong?

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I’ve found the way to get around this problem. Or perhaps, this is the right way to place shortcut icons on the desktop.

  1. From the NAS folder list, right click on the folder you want to place a shortcut icon on the desktop.
  2. Click on ‘Show more options’ at the bottom.
  3. Now in the newly appeared sub-menu,
    1. If you find ‘Send to’, click it and select ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’, or
    2. If you do not find ‘Send to’ but only see ‘Create shortcut’, then click it to see one of the following two cases.
      1. Small window may come up asking ‘… Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop’. click ‘Yes’ button. or
      2. The shortcut of the folder may come up in the same window. Right click it then you will see ‘Send to’ in the list. Then follow the step 3.1 above.
  4. After all of these, you’ll see the shortcut icon of your folder on the desktop.

@yowatta with all due respect, if you upgrade to Windows 11 with a 7th generation intel processor, ie. I7700k you are on your own and there is no support to be given. If you would have followed Microsoft’s advice which comprises of this forum and stayed with a supported processor and OS then of course we will do out utmost to help you.

@Sixpiece Thanks for your input. Are you with Microsoft? At this moment, I have no intention to invest a new 'compatible' cpu and swap it with the current i7-7700K, nor go back to W10. This upgrade was made based on Microsoft formal upgrade notification came on 06/08. Since then, I've been enjoying to modify the settings to my taste. So far, windows update says my W11 is 'up to date' as of today (7/10/22) with security update KB2267602 installed just today. I'm perfectly happy being 'on my own'.  Still I hope I can post and share my experiences with my friends in this community.

regardless of you being outside of Microsoft's requirements, the correct way to make a shortcut is as follows. Go to the folder you want to have a shortcut for, and right-click on that folder via windows explorer. Select the "Show more options" on the bottom of that context menu to get to the second context menu. Now select "copy" command. now go to your desktop, right-click and select "Copy shortcut" your shortcut has now been placed on your desktop. With any windows prior to Windows 11 wherever you place your mouse cursor is where the shortcut would be created. However with Windows 11, it places it wherever the next icon space is available next, so you may have to look for it as it won't be below your mouse cursor.

Thank you, Rick. As I posted back  to my original post on 07/07, I've found the way to create a shortcut of the NAS’s. It's as you are suggesting here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to report the current status of my ‘Unapproved i7700 W11’ PC. I’ve finished the system customization to my taste, and am enjoying using the PC more than ever. It is at version 2H22, OS build 22621.232. I’m an MS insider program ‘entry level’ member.