Battery usage crashes when clicked on last 7 days battery levels in Windows 11

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After opening the battery, need to click the view detailed info twice and the battery usage page closes when clicking on the last 7 days

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@GL9394 Exactly same thing. Clicking "Last 7 days" in the Battery usage section of Power & Battery causes an immediate crash / closing of the Settings app. 100% of the time. I absolutely cannot click on "Last 7 days" without the app crashing. No matter what.

@GL9394  Same here on a Surface Go 2.  Had it for the last few versions of Win11 updates, just updated to KB5008353 and still facing the same issue.   Sort of thinks about it for a moment then crashes out of the settings app completely.


Not sure where to report it other than just posting in a forum!

Figure I'll add to the people complaining about this issue. Glad I'm not the only one! Galaxy Book on my end. 


I replied to the wrong person but oh well! Point still stands.

Interestingly, my Surface Go 2 no longer has this issue as of the last couple weeks. I'm not sure at what point it started working, but I'm curently on OS version 22000.527. Last Windows update was KB4023057.
Now I find clicking between the 24 hour and 7 day chart works within a second or two.

What version of Windows are you running?

Did anyone found any workin solution? Mine force close even on the last 24 hours :'(

Me as the same. Have reinstall windows 11 by installation media (with option keep everything), settings still crash immediately when clicked on battery usage details. I am on Windows 11 22H2 beta ring build 22263.1245