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I'm new to this community and wanted to raise a discussion of a feature request to future Windows releases. I've been using MS Windows quite regularly since early 90's as well as other operating systems, and for me it seems that the clipboard functionality (ctrl+c / ctrl+v) is quite similar with every operating system. Recently I came up with an idea that would it be possible that the clipboard itself has adaptive functions, so that it recognizes what type of content it has in it's memory and can e.g. create files automatically using the File Explorer to a certain folder.


Use case 1: If the user has some lines of text copied into the clipboard, and the user pastes the content with File Explorer to some folder, clipboard automatically generates a blank text file with the text from the clipboard in it, and only thing the user has to do is to give name to the text file.


Use case 2: If the user has taken a screenshot from an image using -say- Snip & Sketch and has the image in the clipboard, and if the user pastes the content of a clipboard to certain folder in File Explorer, a new .JPG file is being created from the clipboard screenshot and user just gives a name to the file.


There could be a number of other context-based features to the clipboard related to what would be the type of data in the clipboard memory, e.g. sound clip or video clip, or similar.


Comments? Ideas? Can this type of feature be developed or is it just too difficult?

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