Windows 10 Mobile

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The Windows 10 Mobile OS is far superior in every way you can imagine yet it does not get its own Tech Community. Granted, the Windows Phone platform has a tiny market share, but it is still a market share with fans and users that still holding on to the platform. Some App developers do not plan for the Windows Phone Platform. In a way, it is understandable why these developers are not putting out a version of their apps for the Windows 10 Mobile. However, I find it discouraging and incomprehensible, when Microsoft itself does not make it a priority to develop all Mobile Apps for the Windows 10 Mobile. I found some Apps built by the Microsoft Garage Project for other platforms and yet unavailable for the Windows 10 Mobile. I also, found that the most popular cloud services Office 365 Apps, are not well tested with all possible scenarios on Windows Phones. Some of the tools offered in Office 365 do not function well with MFA platforms such as DUO Security MFA on the Windows 10 Mobile, yet they function as expected on iOS and Android. Microsoft needs to make a decision on whether or not Windows 10 Mobile is a market they want to support or not support. We understand mobile is part of Satya Nadella strategy, but this is not what the question is here. The question here is, does leadership support Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile? Period. If so, you need to start demonstrating this by making sure every app Microsoft divisions create for any mobile platform is first created and tested on the Windows 10 Mobile platform. Otherwise, stop the wishy-washy and lack of a decision and put to rest the Windows 10 Mobile OS.
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