"Your organization" is holding my computer hostage

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I feel in a terrible predicament for a few months now. Random restarts, continuous requests for PIN change, and no way to shut it off.


The random restarts are for Windows updates which give no notification and just cold turkey shut down everything irrelevant if I'm doing some important work or installing something, which could cause critical file/driver corruption....

The pin changes occur every month and do not allow to use the same pins let alone old ones, I cannot forever keep thinking up one thousand iterations of 6 digit pin codes and expect to remember them.. And I can't turn this feature off, I tried every method.


So apparently, windows says these settings are managed by "your organization" (for updates and pin change) which I find bizzare. Could it be that because I have a University email tied with outlook? But then, how does it even work, and why does some third party have access to how my personal computer works?

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Check Settings > Accounts > Access work or school account. If you're connected to any account at this page, that organization may apply policies and changes settings for your device. If you like, you can hit Disconnect to remove it.