Not able to connect a Network Printer

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Hi all


i'm trying to connect a Network Printer with a Xerox Universal Printer Driver on my Windows 10 (21H2) Notebook, which is AAD Joined and connected via a MS Always On VPN.


I'm able to add the printer with the IP Address as an additional printer but when i want to connect to the shared printer on the server (Windows Server 2012 R2)  i receive an error 0x000006e4


I also tried to do it with another server, which i can reach but i see the same behavior. I'm a little stuck on this and tried to find out the issue. I suspect it is related to the Printnightmare topic, but i can't find the solution for it.


In the printscreen are the KB's listed, which i have installed. Does anybody have a good advice what the issue could be?


Many thanks for your help


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