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How to Fix QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working Windows 10 after update

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How can I fix QuickBooks File Doctor not working on Windows 10? It's causing hindrances in diagnosing and resolving file-related issues in QuickBooks.

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If QuickBooks File Doctor isn't working on your Windows 10, you can try the following steps to fix the issue:

Run as Administrator: Right-click the QuickBooks File Doctor, and select 'Run as administrator'. This can help bypass certain permission issues.
Disable Antivirus Temporarily: Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with the application. Disable it temporarily to see if that resolves the issue.
Install the Latest Windows Updates: Ensure that your Windows 10 is up to date, as compatibility issues might be causing the problem.
Reinstall QuickBooks File Doctor: Uninstall and then reinstall the tool to ensure it's not a corrupt installation causing the problem.
Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub: If File Doctor alone doesn't work, download and use the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which includes File Doctor and other tools to fix common issues.
If these steps don't resolve the problem, you might need to contact QuickBooks support for more specialized assistance.

To resolve the issue of QuickBooks File Doctor not working on Windows 10 after an update, you can follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the previous version of QuickBooks File Doctor and download the latest version.
  2. Close QuickBooks and download the most recent version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  3. Run Quick Fix my File from the Tool Hub to fix company file issues.
  4. Launch QuickBooks File Doctor manually by going to File > Utilities > Repair File and Network Problems.
  5. Restore the backup of the corrupted QBW file.

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