Help with getting update installed

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I'm hoping someone will take pity on this senior citizen!  I have a 5 year old laptop with windows10 that I have never used because it was immediately out of memory and can't get updates.  I had a computer with windows7 that I loved, but it finally died last week and now I have no choice but to use the laptop.  It is an HP-14.  Anyway, I added a flash drive with 64 GB of memory, but the laptop will not recognize it so I can do the updates needed.  Very frustrating.  I've watched so many YouTube videos trying to get answers, I've Googled it, etc.  I feel like I'm going to have a stroke!!!  So, can somebody PLEASE help an old lady???  I'll be forever grateful.

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If you can on that laptop and it can connect to Internet, you can perform repair upgrade:
thanks for your response, however, it didn't help at all...I cannot download anything because I have NO FREE MEMORY...I wanted to know how I can get my laptop to recognize the flash drive I have with 64GB so I can get the updates as my laptop only has 32 GB and almost 30 of it is taken up with what it came installed with