Help me PLEASE!!! I cannot save any document in my Office 2007 Enterprise

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Since the LAST update that arrived, I cannot save any document.

I can just print the document, thru the printer, and not be able to save it, IN ANY Format, pdf, whateva.

error message i get is here:


file not found

check the filename and try again.

I know i cant find the file because i am now trying to save it.


I searched the knowlegebase, and it only came up with:

cannot save file with asterisks,commas, periods, and symbols.


Help me please!

Windows 10 Pro 21h1 Office 2007 Enterprise

HP 510-p026 Intel i5

Thats all i can think of right now.


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@Keiti95  Hi.

If there is no other option, uninstall the update - of course, this is a substitute solution.


how do i do that and how do i keep it from coming back.

Also, at first when i try to find help for windows update, it keeps telling me to try later, always.

And, would that be a solution to my problem.

One more thing, What is the number of the update, so I wont uninstall the wrong one, as I would have to locate and remove, and keep the update aforementioned, from returning.


Thank you very much, as I am a new user to this windows 10 thing, and grab every windows 10 video i can watch to learn, this stuff.

Again, I thank you for your time, as well as patience.

Kb , the update I can not give you , but you can check the date of installation of the update and it will show when the problem occurred, But before you do it run the system 2 times , sometimes an unfinished update can cause problems .
Of course, contact Office 365 support.
you can pause the update for 7 days
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Please start this discussion in this MTC space - there you will get help faster.
Wow! OK!
the 14th right? I will start from there.
Thank you. Thanks Loads!
Hello again, I did as you asked.
I will awaite the replies, and I deeply thank you, Loads!
I will keep that in mind, as i am tracking the update down, and note it for possable uninstallation.
I am very concerned however, that might leave some vulnerabilities open, for exploitation, and whateva, comes what may.
I leave it for now, but tracking the update down, and nailing it.
Thanks, Loads!
Can you elaborate:
Run the system 2 times. (possably you mean run win update cycle 2 times searching for the update that possably was not complete)???
I awaite the reply.
Meanwhile, Checking windows update 2 times, hoping that is what you mean.
Thanks, we are on this!
Please restart the system on this computer. ( it's not about updating.
The 2007 home version of Office has lost support.
I do not know how it is with the package enterprise?
I realize it has lost support.
I just need windows developers, testers to know the UPDATE mucked up my OFFICE 2007.
I just need to know what else to do
I will uninstall the update as a last resort.
Pass this info on please? MSFT needs to know this. and get a fix for it.
To properly reach the Microsoft team and provide feedback and error logs, please write feedback as a problem in the Feedback Hub App for Windows. Select a topic according to Office -Such reports are logged and help for obtaining hotfixes.
Now thats what i call a solution, at least they will know about it
Thanks. I'm on it.
You are welcome here!
Thank you
You should not be saving any documents to this directory:

Reason if you have Windows defender random protection feature turned on it locks the folder access to printers, scanners and save feature of office suites etc.

This is common mistake by computer users.

You should always be saving documents to folder you name and create perferrably on another partition if your computer has partition C: and D: etc save it to D: partition.

D:\Important documents\

If you need to use C: drive create the folder on the root drive in example below:
C:\My personal\
Save your document there.

this allows you to quickly save your documents and access them without looking through the windows user path.

Personally save all your documents to usb drive and make a copy on another USB drive so you do not leave any thing important on your computer reason privacy and security secondly if the computer crashes you got it backed up third you can take them to another computer if necessary.

never leave personal documents on your computer for any reason in the first place.

No documents should be left on your computer other than install and read me files.
WOW! Is that the only reason I am having trouble?
You make a Very VALID point, however.
I never had any realization i was doing this wrong from the start.
Thanks for this wake-up. I will try what you suggest.
If this works, you have saved me a load of trouble.
I will try to save a document to another directory.
I deeply thank you Loads!
Just tried what you suggested, NO ERRORs Problem Solved! :)
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