Delivery Optmization: Caching servers

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Hi All,


when configuring delivery optimization via Intune, there is an option to contact caching servers for downloading the update contents:



How do we configure these caching servers?




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I believe the how is in this doc:

And descriptions of the methods use for optimization is in:

Hopefully this helps!

@ericjk4Thanks Eric for your prompt response. I am aware of the two links and the process to configure Delivery optimization via Intune\GPO. My question specifically is around the configuration of the caching servers.

Is there any documentation on how to configure the caching servers?

or they refer to WSUS\SCCM servers in the environment?



after looking closer at it i believe this if you are using DOINC (Delivery Optimization In-Network Cache in Configuration Manager). This would be set up on a separate server with Distribution Points node service on the server. The article is here: