Deleting volumes on a disk with diskpart

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I have a old hdd with some partitions on it which I will delete to reformat the hdd.

I got this with diskpart:


DISKPART> list volume

  Volume ###  Bst  Bezeichnung  DS     Typ         Größe    Status     Info
  ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
  Volume 0     C   XXX        NTFS   Partition    237 GB  Fehlerfre  Startpar
  Volume 1         ESP          FAT32  Partition    100 MB  Fehlerfre  System
  Volume 2         Recovery     NTFS   Partition   1024 MB  Fehlerfre  Versteck
  Volume 3     D   Data         NTFS   Partition    931 GB  Fehlerfre
  Volume 4     E                RAW    Partition    909 GB  Fehlerfre
  Volume 5         WINRE_DRV    NTFS   Partition   1000 MB  Fehlerfre  Versteck
  Volume 6         SYSTEM_DRV   FAT32  Partition    260 MB  Fehlerfre  Versteck
  Volume 7         PBR_DRV      NTFS   Partition     20 GB  Fehlerfre  Versteck


I will delete the volumes 7, 6 and 5 and merge this with 4 or make a new bigger volume with all space on drive e:.

I choose

DISKPART> select volume 7

Volume 7 ist jetzt das gewählte Volume.

DISKPART> delete volume


This brings an error. Diskpart goes down and restart. The volume will not be deleted.


Second try:

DISKPART> select volume 7

Volume 7 ist jetzt das gewählte Volume.

DISKPART>attributes volume clear hidden

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Where is the error? What can I do to delete the volumes and get one big volume on drive e:?


Thank you!

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Hi Thorsten,


Did you start your command prompt as an administrator?

Go to start => Begin typing command => Right click on Command Prompt => Choose Run as Administrator.


Best regards,

Ruud Gijsbers

Yes, I did. The error is still present.

What happens when you try to delete it from the GUI using Disk Management? Do you see any error message in the Event Log?

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Thanks. I used a third party tool. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free managed this.