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Windows 10 -


Forever tiresome, is MS's insistence on excelling at inclusion -- wherever they believe it will enhance Windows -- of superfluous design tweaks, pretty pictures they believe have social interest and value, and endless links to whatever in whereverland.


For example, click on TaskBar SEARCH in Windows 10 . . .and be confronted with a pop-up having a list of "Suggested" items of interest on the left half, with the right half full of colorful links to the likes of World Athletics Championships, Ivana Trump, Ricky Martin, Tiger Woods' score today, Atlanta Braves, and whatever else MS's programmers consider supposedly pertinent to the health of this planet and universe.


And is there a means of eliminating such uselessness and retaining merely SEARCH bar capacity? Wouldn't know it from perusing Windows 10 . . .


So: Is there such an option? Any information/assistance in being able to do so will be fully appreciated.


Thank you.

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