Print connector failover

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Hello everyone,


I want to know if there is any kind of fallback option if the print connector is not available for any reason. In our environment every printer is not Universal Print ready, so we need that connector (which is in fact a printserver if I understand that correct). If this connector is not reachable printing will be not possible right? The idea is to set up another print connector for failover. Does that work?

Thank you.

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@Schroedi You are right that if connector is not available then printing to the printer registered via that connector will stop.

High availability is one of the feature asks tracked on we recommend that you upvote it and possibly add your comments to it.

For the time being we recommend, multiple connectors where possible and then divide printers between those connectors in such a way that one connector doesnt bring down all printing options for the users. For example - if I have a printer on every floor of a building, then add printers on floor 1,3,5 etc to one connector and printers on floors 2,4,6 etc on another connector.

You may also configure a connector on a virtual machine that can be periodically backed up. VMs may be recovered very quickly to resume printing services.




@Saurabh_BansalThank you for your answer. I've build a virtual server to act as the print connector. As a Windows Server feature you can set up a failover cluster. This should be do the job at all. The only disadvantage is that you have to administrate two connectors with its printers. I don't know if there is an easy way do mirror the printers between two servers. If not this will mean more maintenance work.