I thought this eliminated print servers?

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I am running into an issue where it seems like the Universal Print connector is still pushing to a local device.  I was under the impression that this would be all cloud based.  The connector, in the Azure portal, shows a local machine as the host machine.  When I shut off that host machine no one is able to print to any of the registered printers. 

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@Adam Black  You are right, the connector is part of the solution, but also part of the problem. It is part of the solution as it enables existing printers without native support to be part of Universal Print, but the PC running connector needs to be running. We are working with a few IHV that will bring low cost connector appliances to market that  can be installed in your network, or even attached to a printer. More to come from that corner soon. We are also working with many printer manufacturers on updating printer firmware to of existing printers to support Universal Print natively, and/or make sure new printers are introduced that support it natively. Also more to come there soon.  Thanks.