Provide support for macOS devices

Provide support for macOS devices



 Mar 02 2020
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Looking into it

Universal print would be a lot more useful if it provided support for both Windows and macOS devices as many enterprises support both platforms. 

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I agree it would be great to support macOS especially with Google Cloud Print going away next year

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Also print via iOS/iPadOS would be nice to have

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Mac print is essential, also a guest print feature would be nice. 

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I looked at the design guide, and it appears this is using IPP, meaning that MacOS support should be an easy addition.  I got very excited about the announcement, but was disappointed to see it's windows OS only.  In education, Macs are a huge installed base, and over 80% of our students have them despite no requirement by the college.  

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A few third party vendors (Papercut, YSoft) have announced that Microsoft has been working with them on the down-low for awhile - hopefully they have already started cooperating with Apple on this...

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We have Papercut and we are very interested by Universal Print to be able to deallocate our On Premise Print Servers.


We need to print from Mac OS and Windows 10.


I understant Mac OS is not supported for the moment ? Right ?


Thanks a lot for your help ! 

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Hi @rubensaada 


@Troy Phillips is right. At PaperCut we're working with Microsoft to support print management on Universal Print for all major client operating systems.
For existing PaperCut customers today, we do have a few options available to support macOS clients without local print servers.
If you reach out to our support team we'll be able to help work out the best solution for your Mac users until they're fully supported by Universal Print.
Status changed to: Looking into it
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More platforms (MacOS, ChromeOS) would be definitely beneficial. However, IPP on Mac presents some challenges - this is not IPP Infra, just plain old IPP. 

If you are interested in Cloud Print Management, YSoft SafeQ Cloud (shameless employer promo ;) supports MacOS cloud printing (without any 3rd party clients) alongside Universal Print B-).

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I agree macOS, iOS and Android support would be nice!

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It's not a complete solution for most enterprises without Mac and mobile support.

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We are split pretty much 50-50 Mac - Windows so ned MAC support to be of any use to us