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Add usage metrics per device and per user

Add usage metrics per device and per user



 Apr 29 2021
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In progress

Usage metrics per device (Prints from last reboot, total device prints, total prints through Universal Print)


Usage metrics per user (total print through Universal Print, Black and white, Color, Hours of printing, Geolocalization of printing...),


Created as a separate request from the list here: Post requested in Idea Area! - Microsoft Tech Community


Some of the metrics are already available like usage data of printers (total number of jobs printed), usage data of users (total number of jobs, colored, b&w, 2-sided etc.)


Need clarification on whether current data meets the needs or more is expected. If more, then please clarify:

  1. Columns needed (in existing reports)
  2. New reports needed
  3. Any other missing features in the reports




We are currently working on many reporting features that measure print usage through UP. If you have specific UP-related metrics you'd like to see in UP please create a feature request for each of them.

Status changed to: In progress