Post requested in Idea Area!

Post requested in Idea Area!



 Apr 07 2020
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Hi all,
As requested by few users here is my post about Universal Print features requested :)
Hope it will help The community.

Features that will be nice to have :

  • Capabilities to interact with devices (Device state, Reset, Reboot..),
  • Information / stastics about consumables (toners level, waste bottle level, maintenance kit level, toner serial number...),
  • Usage metrics per Device (Print from last reboot, total device print, total print through Universal Print...),
  • Usage metrics per User (total print through Universal Print, Black and white, Color, Hours of printing, Geolocalization of printing...),
  • Nice UX with features based on device features and not queues,
  • Right management based on devices and users / document content (see bellow)


As mentioned before and read on this forum :

  • print through printer mapping on floors,
  • printer deployment with reporting (install, not install, partial),
  • follow me printing (PIN code and so on...Not secure print),
  • printing submission interface.

Optional, but nice to have too :

  • local printing relay (Avoid to send job through the internet then pull back),
  • Print content management to be GDPR complient like O365 offer.
  • ATP like, but for printing (Zero trust based)
A nice wishlist for Santa Microsoft :)
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@Vincent LOISEAU 

Thanks for the list.

To make sure we are able to track the individual features and to allow people to vote for the features they need, I separated the features I could understand into their own requests and included the links to the new requests in my previous post.

Please add more information to those posts by commenting. Also, please create individual posts for anything I missed.