Add Badge for Windows Insider MVP

Add Badge for Windows Insider MVP



 Jul 04 2020
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Windows Insider MVP also consider as MVP and they are active in this forum. You have Windows 10 forum and Windows Insider MVP are answering questions and contribute in the community. I would like request to please add MVP badge for Windows Insider MVP or at least add separate badge for Windows Insider MVP, so community would recognize us. 

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Yes same happened here. I was a dual award MVP in both Windows Insider and Windows and Devices for IT. Now that I am only a WIMVP my badge has been removed here.

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Thank you for your feedback, we always want to recognize our influential users in all the products across the Microsoft eco-system.


Historically for Windows Insider MVPs, not to be confused with the Microsoft MVP program, by giving all Windows Insider MVPs the MVP rank and green ring. Due to differences in how these programs are run, and as we start to expand content for the Microsoft MVP Program, it meant we had to roll back and move all the Windows Insider MVPs from the MVP Role.


We will of course consider how we want to recognise influential users in specific product categories and will share more information on that in due course. For now I would recommend updating your Community Bio to say that you are a Windows Insider MVP and you can of course feel free to close any replies you post with Windows Insider MVP.


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Hi @Allen and thank you for follow up.

Having badge is very important to avoid fraud, someone could just come to this forum and state he or she is MVP under bio, but when you have badge, it proves you are real MVP. 

I will wait for solution and I hope you come up with solution.

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So @Allen the message we are to hear is that Windows Insiders are some sort of lesser MVP than those from the DX program? And by the way, there really should be a badge/recognition for Legacy MVP's as well.

Thanks for your time and efforts!


Thank you for the thoughtful reply, @Allen -- and for all the work you have done to include our Windows Insider MVPs in the MVP Lounge! Reminder to @Reza_Ameri-Archived and @Rob Brown that in the email we sent announcing our Windows Insider MVPs now have access to the Tech Community MVP Lounge I called out badging, specifically that come 2021 we will find a solution to recognize Windows Insider MVPs. As you know, and as Allen mentions, the programs are separate. It goes without saying that different does not mean lesser, and we welcome this inclusion as a benefit to both communities, but that separate programs also means some offerings will continue to differ. Know that I will keep you apprised re: badge progress and updates in the new year. 

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Thank you @Michelle Paison for follow up , looking forward to see our badge next year. For now, I will continue my participations and wait.

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Updating this to planned as we plan to do some work this year on community recognition, which will include how we recognize MVPs, Windows Insider MVPs, MCTs and a others across the whole community.


Nothing specific to share at the moment but please know this is on our radar.

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Thank you for the update and letting us know.