What are the possible statuses for the Ideas?

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So far I only see New, Reviewed, and Accepted


What are all the available options and what do they actually mean


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Hey Brent, here's the meaning behind each status:


Reviewed - Our team has read the idea

Accepted - Our team has read the idea and we will work on rolling it out

Rolled out - The idea has been rolled out


Keep in mind that statuses can change so an idea may say Reviewed right now but could be Accepted later down the road.

Is there any kind of "Rejected" status?  Something that there is no chance will happen, so it doesnt live in Reviewed in perpetuity?

Hi Maddie, does your team pay any attention to Discussions?

Absolutely! We're working to get through all the great suggestions and feedback. Is there a specific unanswered discussion that you would like us to address?

Maddie, not sure if my feedback is great, however to have any comments on  Why can't I like... is quite desirable. I still have no option to add the like in Discussion.


By the way, had no email notification you answered here. The flag "Email me when someone replies" is on; in settings "Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in" is also on as well as email notificatuions on subscriptions.



Solved with Likes! In settings "Hide Kudos buttons and counts" was off, have no idea why.

Want to update everyone, we do now have a "Not at This Time" status for ideas that we are not working on. All the feedback has been so great we didn't need it until now. :)

Yes, good idea