Fix AAD Sign-in for this network


I think many people will struggle to sign into this network using their work credentials unless the AAD sign-in is resolved. People using their work accounts will be faced with errors like this.


Additional technical information:
Correlation ID: bff4e416-32ab-40e6-b205-3da2ac85284f
Timestamp: 2016-07-19 16:59:02Z
AADSTS90093: Does not have access to consent.


aad sign in issue.png

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Didn't realize this was going on.  Guess I'm glad I used my personal account (can't represent my organization to a public-facing forum like this anyways).  One of my negative comments to moving away from a semi-private network.


Only problem I have is having to sign in all the time.

We are testing the solution to this in our tenancy. It looks like the issue is with trusting integrated apps. Shame that the Network admins cannot suggest what the minimum requirements are for participanting in this network rather a trial and error approach.

Hi @Simon Denton - what requirements are you looking for?  How can I help on the trial and error piece, are there some configurations you can PM me directly and I can see how we can help?  We made some decisions on building our app/SSO to help with the configuration on a tenancy, so want to dig in to your issues and make sure we can help.  Please just let me know.

Thanks for the offer. I think the issue is the same as with other Microsoft services, like the Fast Track centre ( :(


fast track error.png

whereby you cannot use work accounts to access the service when Integrated Apps (Admin Centre > Settings > Services and Add-ins > Integrated Apps) is switched off:


integrated apps.png



But I'm only guessing at the moment as we have a change planned where we will test the hypothesis. If you can definitely say that enabling Integrated Apps is the requirement then it will help us and others.

We are also facing this issue at my company.  Should we be contacting support for this?

The app permissions it is requesting seem excessive, especially if we want to access this with work accounts.