Questions regarding MTC contributor system

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Does any of the below or something similar apply to MTC contributors? I saw some separate community(something like Power Platform Community or Dynamics 365 Community) has their own program with special offers, but I'm saying general MTC(web address starts with because it has 100+ sub-communities(for example, Microsoft 365, Windows, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and so much more).

  • Direct access to the MTC team and participation in monthly calls or training
  • Networking with other like-minded tech expert members using a private community
  • Opportunity to be granted moderator privileges
  • Access for top contributors to Microsoft product information before it's released via Customer Connection Programs associated with various product teams
  • Your answered threads receive prioritized visibility within the community, minimizing the likelihood of escalation to other support groups.


Also, are all 100+ sub-communities under the same policy, unlike Power Platform Community or Dynamics 365 Community?

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I'll just answer 2 questions:

now the MTC has not introduced the Volunteer Moderator program, but there are plans to do so in the future.

You can become an MTC Insider - it is a great ennoblement and access to a closed Group (the possibility of further development).

I am not competent to answer the other questions.

I'm glad you're at MTC!