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I wonder why i have to get this constant flood of messages to PM about some AMA events? Like i have not favorited Azure AMA subspace, but i am a member of parent Azure hub. Do i have to leave this hub to stop receiving private messages about AMAs? Maybe there should be some checkbox to select if you want to receive them?

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This is the right place to discuss it!

But are these private messages so much?


I don't understand why this has to come out as private messages. They should just post it in the space that people follow if they care. As for the number, it is not every day. But it is enough to annoy enough to post here. Especially with how slow private messages work here. It takes a while to go and see the message after you see the notification, just to see it is another one of those AMA announcements that i didn't ask to be notified about.

So now I understand your explanation was needed.
The manager of this community will probably read it I'm curious how it comments!
I do not write to anyone private messages, and if someone writes it means - ignore!


I guess that's more depends on concrete PjM. Some prefer to put the post on the space and pin it, some prefer to send private messages to everyone. MTC as resource gives both options to owners of the community.


As the person who often sends these AMA messages, I will respond. :)


In order to stop receiving private messages about AMAs, you can either leave the Azure hub (or whichever hub is relevant to those AMAs), or you can turn off notifications in your settings. We indicate this at the bottom of each of our AMA private messages.


The reason we don't just post them in the appropriate forum space is that we want to get more visibility on these events, and group private messages reach more people than who might happen to see the forum post. We assume members of this technical community will likely be interested in free events where technical questions can be answered directly by Microsoft employees. 


That is good feedback though - can you put the feedback about adding a checkbox in our Community Ideas space? That's how we track suggestions and can gauge their popularity in the community. 

@Eric Starker 

Thank you for your comprehensive explanation!

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