Number of unread posts has gone or was replaced by the number of total posts

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Hi there,


I noticed that the number of unread posts disappeared in the spaces tiles on the start page of my communities. Please see the screenshot below.


The number of unread posts was very useful, as I could then quickly see, if there is something new in my favourite spaces. Now, I have to open each one to see what's new. And even then, I can not find a way which one is new and which one not, if I don't remember which was the last one on my last visit. This takes a lot of time, too much time.


So, my questions are:


  • has been the number of unread posts been removed? If so, can you please bring it back?
  • If it has not been removed, is there perhaps a setting, where I can reactivate the feature?
  • Or is there another way to get a quick overview, what's new?
  • Is this perhaps a browser related problem? (I am using Chrome in its last version)


Thanks & Best regards,




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Hi Mourad,


I asked the same question few days ago, but unfortunately no one answered.


IMHO, that's not a browser related issue, and i found nothing in settings to switch such behaviour on/off.

Hi Sergei,


oh, thank you! I did oversee your post. Yes, in the meanwhile I looked at all settings and like you I did not find something there to bring back the unread posts features. So, let's hope someone from the Mods/Support will post something about the problem.




Hi @Anna Chu or whoever else from moderators,


We appreciate if you find couple of minutes to comment this conversation. Possible answers could be


1) Yes, that's by design (not necessary to explain why, at least now)

2) Nope, looks like a bug (we will investigate)

3) I have no idea (will try to check)



Mention substituted @Anna Chu who has no activites on this site. Hope this one is correct. Just in case, @Lana O'Brien (also two accounts with this name) and @Michael Holste (oops, also two identical accounts here).


Someone, please check the conversation.


Thank you.

We rolled out some changes this week but I was not planning to make changes to 'unread conversations' - let me circle back to you after I investigate.

Hi Anna,


thank you :)


Best regards,


Today it returns back. Great, thank you!

best response

We applied a hotfix yesterday.  Everyone should see it now - if not please let me know.

Hi Anna,


I am happy, the unread posts display is also back for me again - thanks :)