How to float conversations (Edited)


Original thread: "Re: How to stay up to date in regards of Office 365 changes from a business point of view":


Whoopsy, we forgot our own Tech Community :)


Btw, can we srticky this thread?

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You can subscribe to this post or add it to your bookmarks which you can manage in your profile under 'Manage Subscriptions'.  To subscribe or add to bookmarks activate the Conversation Options ˅ at the top of this thread.

I've done this already, the idea is to make the information in it easily discoverable for others :)

How do you achieve that on other channels?  If we enable that within the feed it will affect the chronological order.


Are you suggesting that we have a way to 'bookmark' popular threads for others to see?  We could turn something on where the most liked conversations in a space are in their own component instead of what we have today which is the most like comments with only the subject line.

Sorry Anna, not sure which term we are using here, but I can see some "sticky" threads around the different spaces. For example different announcements.


But I guess using the "More resources" box on the right pane, or entirely new "recommended threads" box for each space can do the job too, without messing with the chronological order too much :)

Only community managers can float a conversation to the top.  If you would like to request a thread to be floated, we can help!

I did :) But I agree that "floating" them on top can take a lot of screen estate, so maybe something on the right nav pane?

We're looking into a styling option that will indicate when a post is floated.  Right now they take up a lot of real estate that is at the cost of more recent posts (take a look at the Sharepoint community as an example). 


I can float that conversation, as soon as it starts getting a bit dated we'll look to unfloat it.

Agreed, with the current options it's not that good idea to float threads. A new style with max 2-3 lines width should be OK, or pinning them on the right pane. Or even just add them as a "resource" with a link pointing to the thread,