Network Relationships and Inconsistencies

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Why are there such widely vaying approaches to UI, Navigation, Security, Information Architecture, and Administration in the 3 new communities:

  1. (Answers),
  2. (PowerUsers) and
  3. (O365 Network)

There are overlaps and gaps between these which makes it very confusing.

Just a few examples:

  • Power Apps and Flow are going to become key components of O365, how come they are in a separate network?
  • Where is Intune going to be discussed? I can't find this important product in any of the networks.


It would be very helpful if the MS community managers could devlop a master plan that clearly shows a decision tree about when to use each and a planned hierarchy of groups/forums/channels



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Thanks for the feedback Dean. I agree, it's incredibly confusing how we differentiate internally. We'll work on getting something together to clearly explain each community and their purpose.