How do I look up someone to follow them? How do I find the Community area from the front page?

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I've said it before, I'll say it again. I can get lost on a treadmill.

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Okay, so I see the Community area is only accessible right now from "hamburger" menu on front page. Please, give it a tile!.

The Community area can be found by clicking on the "hamburger" menu button, but I can't help you on looking up a user, even in search, you click the People tab, it only returns posts by the name you put in the search box.

lol, I should have used quick Reply, I guess ;->
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Mike, I also tried to @-mention you on another thread, and it did not suggest you, after several tries. Surely it would surface a moderator?

What I wanted to ask you about was why the front page tile for Yammer advertises "166 conversations" when the inside group tiles offer "26 conversations" and "3 conversations".

Is the home page tile maybe counting POSTS? That's all I can come up with as an explanation for the Mel Math (never my forte).
Hey Melanie, at the moment, the language is mixed up. It is indeed counting posts. We are working on fixing across the site.
I love the 'Go to Solution', however on this occasion the solution (yours) was "It will!". Is it possible to tag the actual solution?

@Michael Holste what does this mean? It will? What will? What's the answer to the question? I too am lost... 

Hey Amy, Melanie is asking two questions above. Here are the answers to both. 


1) How do I look someone up? Use the search bar to type in their name and press 'Enter'. Then filter the search results by 'Users'. 


2) How do I find the Community area? Use the nav menu in the top left (hamburger menu). The response that 'it will' was to the ask that we make this area easier to find (as in, it will be). I am not positive why that was chosen as the accepted answer :). 


Hope that clears things up. 

Ah I see. Thanks @Michael Holste - I think @Deleted's question was also how to follow someone - so you might be more likely to see posts from them. Is that possible?

Amy, to follow someone, hover over their name > view profile > follow. 

Mike, will that follow action do anything outside the network (e.g., send notifications) or does it prioritize that content in the few messages displayed at the bottom of the Home page?

Within this platform, "following increases the ease of private messaging a user. It allows for a tab within the private message screen to display people you’re following." Unfortunately, it doesn't send notifications. 

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