Moderator reacts too slowly to requests!

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Hello everyone . In my experience, obvious notifications are effective even after 2 days! And what are your experiences?

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Of course, I ask for statements related exclusively to the MTC - I believe that this is an important topic for all Members and has a big impact on the image of the MTC. Thank you
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Hello @Deleted, 

Apologies for any delay you have had with our moderation process. We check our abuse reports and handle them according to our Code of Conduct within a 24-48 hour time frame. 
Have there been able threads you have reported for abuse recently that have not been looked at yet? 

Hello! Thank you very much for your reply - of course, my submissions did not concern this group, and there was no problem with the moderator's reaction, but the reaction time seems to me too long! I allowed myself this topic to be discussed because it wants such situations not to spoil the image of the MTC and not expose members to proper behavior - which should be eliminated as soon as possible! At the same time, it will be a visible signal that the MTC provides maximum security for MTC Members. Thank you so much.
Now I checked again and all reported threads have been removed - that is, they were justified , and my submissions result from the rules - which apply to each Community and their respect applies to everyone! My entries are subject to these rules too and I try to respect them!

@Dylan Snodgrass 

@Eric Starker

I'm sorry it's a different topic, but in a different Microsoft Community - it's

great feature, if the reporter has the right reputation, the content that he considers harmful is automatically hidden!

I think that this is a Great Solution - waiting 2 days for the moderator's activities is too long.

If checked - they could be restored without harm to the author.




 "The Guardian badge Description: Guardian Badge
Every time you report legitimate abuse in the community, you get a vote toward your Guardian badge. When you have reported enough confirmed cases of abuse and accurately pointed out the type of abuse, you'll get your badge. Reporting content that is not actual abuse will not get you votes and will slow your progress toward earning this badge.

Benefits of being a Guardian:

A Guardian badge will be added to your profile
Content the Guardian reports as abusive is automatically hidden until moderated."

Thank you for the suggestion! I will bring this back to my team to look at its possibilities.


@Dylan Snodgrass , I should share in other forums like Microsoft Answers and Microsoft Q&A there is something called Volunteer Moderator program. It means users who are contributing to the forum and providing helpful response, will be granted the moderator status and during free time, they will moderate and response to requests. I believe you have to get help from the Community and ask for their help and you may contact people in charge of these forums to see how this program works. For example Microsoft Answers is doing a great job because of their volunteer moderators. You could consider to provide them with training and monitor them. I believe the best way to improve response time to abuse report is getting help from trusted people in the community. 

Now I checked one report (the offensive post is still visible) is already 3 days from the report.
I wonder if it is worth making applications?


I believe we really need a volunteer moderator program, so I shared my idea , you may Upvote it and add any additional suggestion in the comment.

The idea is Volunteer Moderator Program in the Microsoft Tech Community - Microsoft Tech Community


For me, it would be enough to add two buttons (hide immediately) - this causes the development of typical reasons on the same principle as it is in e-mail programs.

And the second button (move, check) and expand - enter for what reason you think it needs to be analyzed.

Access to such permissions would be restricted to MTC Members approved by Microsoft on the basis of reputation.

Volunteer Moderator status - this would be the next stage of approval

There is a problem with hide immediately because people might abuse it. I observed case where people start report correct abuse to build reputation and then when they have the power , they would be able to hide valid posts.



It's a pretty strange scenario!

If someone abuses this right, the Moderator will immediately see it - for me it is obvious.

And what is the guarantee that the Moderator (volunteer) - will not abuse the powers?

You want him to be able to move the post, delete, edit - this is a great commitment

I only expect the possibility of hiding not proper - offensive posts until analyzed by the Moderator.   


Yes, but it will be same issue, they might be slow in moderating.
There are many ways, firstly becoming a volunteer moderator is not a easy task and it required users to have a great contribution in the community. Also, after becoming a moderator maintaining it would be challenging so let say if you are a moderator and you abuse your power 3 times, then they could remove your moderator status and ban you from joining for one year for example.


Since this is a public forum - the most important thing for me is the ability to immediately hide (not delete) a post that should not be visible!

For example: a scammer claiming to be technical support + phone number, email address.

or offensive (inappropriate content) to recognize it are not needed training for the Moderator (volunteer).

Or someone starts a discussion on a topic that doesn't deal with technical matters related to IT.

"There is a problem with hide immediately because people might abuse it. I observed case where people start report correct abuse to build reputation and then when they have the power , they would be able to hide valid posts."
I think you are exaggerating the problem! I will add that I do not judge people by writing answers and I do not care how many badges he has and what rank he has in MTC.
Actually it happens in other forums and I observe this behavior.
There was a forum where if multiple users mark a post as abuse, it would hide it automatically until moderator take action and several users reports their post is missing and when it has been checked, they have been valid posts.


I think that a better solution is to hide the reported post and after checking restore it, but you can not allow the MTC to be inappropriate content for 2 days despite reporting to the Moderator.
For me it is obvious - if my post is hidden then I can wait 2 days for restoration - I am a guest here so I accept Microsoft's rules.

True, but consider the case not all users are good one (like you), they are people who are looking for ways to abuse the platform. Just imagine like we have a healthy conversation here (like this one) and someone use report abuse and hide our posts for 2 days.
Yes, but of course unjustified use will also be
was subject to checking and after e.g. 3 wrong markings simply such a user will lose such a right for some time, and then re-verification
will allow you to obtain such a privilege.