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Hi All,


I did attend Microsoft Ignite 2018 but I am not seeing that under my achievements in the Tech community maybe it is not important but is there any workaround and how can I get that tag into my profile, I am using the same email which I used for my Ignite login.

see the attached photo I got from one of the members who have it under the achievement section in profile for Ignite 2017.


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@PDostiyar ,


Thanks for reaching out, there was no Microsoft Ignite 2018 award this year. We are working through providing a better, more cohesive authentication experience between Microsoft ignite and the tech community but that was not available this year and that meant we were unable to connect and award the badges like we did last year.


Sorry about that. 

Thanks for the reply,


is this somthing we will get this year 2019 since we are planning for this year if not what will the community get instead as you mentioned for 2018 it is already gone but what will happen for the up coming one.



Pervaiz Dostiyar

Then intention is yes something will be give for 2019 but until we have sorted out a dew technical issues I could not commit to that.

We are about to kick off planning for Ignite 2019 and so as soon as I have more to share I will of course do so.

Thanks @Allen will wait for the updates and waiting to see most of these great people in Ignite 2019.

@PDostiyarHey Allen reaching out once again on this same topic as we did not get anything for 2018 and also 2019 I didn't follow up on this.


so hereby I am following once again about this what is the plan for 2020 ignite as it is next month, besides what is the plan for those who joined Microsoft Inspire 2020 and Microsoft Build 2020.


please let me know if these are the things we have not think of or maybe these are on the MTC roadmap section.


Thanks in Advance!