Displaying unread messages

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How do we just view the unread messages? Every channel seems to show all of the messages, and i don't need to see the ones I have already read.

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Hi Dean, Did you every get an answer to this elsewhere? The totals at top level Group, don't add up to the totals of the sub groups either.
Good feedback. We're working on a solution to show the unread messages and fix the threading readability.
brilliant, thank you Lana for the reply

Hey Dean, you can find "Unanswered" as a filter on your homepage. This shows unanswered across the entire network. We are looking into displaying unread messages filtered by groups. 

Would it also be possible to see unread items per group? 

I don't see an Unanswered Filter, where is it hiding?

Upon clicking Home link in the menu, scroll down past various groups and you will see "My Feeds" section and you will find unanswered filter. Make sure you are logged in otherwise you won't see the filters.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have a My Feeds link on the menu. Is there something that I need to do to enable that menu choice?

Its on the homepage. Screenshot below.



This in particular is what we are investigating.

It has been almost 3 weeks, Has any progress been made?

Hi @Dean Gross, Had the same issue what i did and works good is subscripe to the groups so i get mails when something updates. I know a few people still have issues getting mails maybe i am lucky :)





would love to see that as well as a toggle on each page and with the option to set a personal default for all sites.

This is in the works! 

Hopefully it is very close to the top of the priority list.

Unread messages are coming in the next few weeks! 

Would be nice to have a page with paging for unread message when i go to a link it not always marks it read.



Its been 2 weeks, how much longer is it going to take to add this basic functionality?

Hey Dean, I understand your frustration here, but we are working on a lot of improvements across the community as well as a rebrand. Currently, you can see unread messages here: https://network.office.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/Community-My-Dashboard or all up here: https://network.office.com/t5/forums/unreadpostspage/tab/thread. We're using an API call to display these. This isn't an OOTB feature so there is some custom work going into it to meet our community's high expectations. We will continue to deliver on this and the other requests and in the meantime we ask for your patience Dean.