Clickable Hyperlinks

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Hyper links have been clickable ever since I started using the WWW with Mozilla in 1994. How they are not clickable in this system? The lack of basic functionality continues to be disappointing.

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Hi Dean, I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. For instance I can link to in a hyperlink as Office Blogs.


Note that you do need to go into the full reply as opposed to using the quick reply feature. When you're in full Reply you'll see the rich text formatting (image below) and shortcuts such as ctrl K work. 





If you're not seeing this functionality or it's not working for you let us know so we can work on a fix. 

Oh! Maybe you are referring to the preview, before you click on "view full conversations" the hyperlinks don't show up/aren't clickable. I will make sure this is on our list. Thank you!