60,000 Members !

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I am delighted to announce that last weekend the techcommunity have crossed 60k registered members. Congratulation!


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The links does not appear to work...

Sorry, it's now correct.

Great to see the Microsoft Tech Community go from strength to strength.  Neat infographics, is that done through the Lithium api?


As has been customary for the last few MTC milestones, here is my little congratulatory graphic: 



No, Microsoft does not allow usage of the Lithium REST API. Don't know why.

The data were collected by screen scraping.

Are all 60K active users? Accounts that have no activity after 6 months - 1 year should be classified as inactive and taken out of the total to better reflect actual "live" members.

I am sure, not all 60K are active user. This is not a vital view. I guess 50K never contributed a post.