Filter for unread messages only

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It looks to me that has been brought up numerous times and I've even read a promise to deliver it. But that is now so long ago that I dare to raise it again in a fresh thread.


While making it happen might be complicated (but probably not rocket science) the req's are pretty simple:


  • Have a toggle to filter for unread messages only
  • Possibility to make your choice permanent via the preferences
  • Have a button to mark messages from within the overview list as read without having to open them


If anybody sees more req's pls add them in the comments.


@MSFT: Pls let us know when this is now going to be made available.


PS: I've seen answers mixing up "Unread" with "Unanswered". While "Unanswered" might be the solution for some, I'm looking for "Unread" instead.

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Hi Peter,


Yes, that's quite old question which is discussed probably from very TechComm start. Hope will be resolved one day.


@Cian Allner supports Getting Started WiKi, here you may find the link on (beta?) solution