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I have created a bot app using teams toolkit and run it locally. Using the teams toolkit, it has automatically created a app in developer portal of teams, created a app in app registrations in azure and a bot in botframework. The app in app registration in azure is supporting Multiple organizations. Now using this I have hosted the bot on server of which endpoint I have also mentioned. So the app is running in my tenant. Suppose I want my client which is other organization to install and use this bot without publishing into the marketplace. How and what to configure to use them. Or the user can have just upload the manifest file and use it even though it is registered in my tenant?


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@XDeveloper29 - Is your app already deployed in your tenant?

If yes, then to allow users from another organization to install and use your bot without publishing it to the Microsoft Teams Store, you can share the app package with them. 

  1. Create the App Package:

    • You have already hosted your bot on a server and configured the endpoint. Now, you need to create an app package that includes the manifest file and other necessary settings.
  2. Share the App Package:

    • Once you have the app package ready, you can share it with your client or users in the other organization.
    • Users can install the bot by uploading the manifest file from the app package directly into their Teams instance.





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